• CTS-PA322T
    TFM 3D imaging system

    CTS-PA322T is a new Phased Array TFM Real-time 3D imaging system originally developed by Goworld, with 64 channels working together in parallel. The system collects FMC data from the object of either metal or non-metal and makes precise real-time 2D/3D TFM imaging through rapid hardware running based on FPGA. The innovative RF metadata platform can process the original signals on computer.

    • By virtue of reconstructing algorithm model through rapid hardware running based on FPGA, the TFM images can be produced instantaneously, with a refresh rate of 50 frame per second.
    • Real time collecting original FMC data (64X64 A-scans) at the max depth up to 2m.
    • This system is applicable to wide-area TFM imaging inspection of aerospace composite materials, rail welds, locomotive wheel rims, wind turbine blade, bolts and thick-wall butt welds.
    • Based on the one-dimensional linear array probe, realize the 2D TFM imaging testing.
    • Based on the two-dimensional Matrix probe, realize the 3D TFM imaging testing.
    • Based on 2D TFM combined with encoder positioning, realize rapid C-scan imaging testing.
    • Based on two-dimensional matrix probe and wedge, realize 3D graphics display, combined with encoder can form an intuitive and transparent 4D testing image of the weld or others.
    • TFM solutions for welds, castings and forgings, and RT detection for medium thickness wall austenitic stainless steel welds are ideal alternatives.
    • 3D-TFM combines with encoder to form a real-time 4D testing image. The scanning speed is over 100mm/s.
    • Customized TFM model can realize effective TFM testing of various abnormal materials such as PMMA spherical shell, ceramics and so on.
    • The system provides functions such as storage of FMC data, preservation of test results, quantitative analysis of defect location, etc. It can provide test reports according to the report format required by users.
  • Pulser

    Voltage: Bipolar Square wave, 45V~100V, with 1.0V, 10.0V per step

    Pulse width: 10 ~ 600ns, with 1.0ns, 10.0ns per step


    Bandwidth: 0.5 ~15MHz
    Gain: 0~55dB , with 1.0dB, 10.0dB per step

    Filter: Low, medium and high, 3 optional


    Digitizing Rate: 62.5 MHz,10 bit
    Input Impedance: 50Ω
    In-Built Processor:  Larger FPGA, big data real-time HW processing

    Focal Laws(Qty): 262144
    Rx Delay: 0~40 μs,PRN up to 2.5ns


    Channel Config: 64*64 total in parallel
    Power Consumption: 50 W
    Operation Platform: up to Windows 7

    Signaling Rate: 100M/1000M Ethernet
    Dimension: 410×120×280
    Weight: 11Kg with battary

    Input and output

    PC:USB3.0 port(Qty):4
    LAN network

    PA: I-PEX
    LAN Network
    USB2.0 port(Qty):2

  • Showcase Album

    Blade Detection
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