• SCQpa-2
    PA Scanner

    SCQpa-2 phased array scanner is designed with simple structure. The wedge of the transducer is installed with a highly precision water&dust-proof encoder for A+S+C scans on welded seams or A+L+C scans on composites. There are different kinds of wedges for corresponding cases.

  • 功能特點:

    • Simpleness, Handiness and Convenience.
    • Different Kinds of Wedges for different cases.
    • Suitable for Limited Room.
  • Parameter

    Encoding Precision: 10 step/mm
    Encoder Ports: Industrial Standard, in accordance with the newly revised P.V. Regs
    Other Supplied Wedges and Probes: Customizable

    Supplied Wedges I (Thickness): 20mm、40mm
    Supplied Wedges II (Angle): 36°、39°,Stl.Rfr-Angl 55°,60°

  • Showcase Album

    A+L+C Scan on Composites
    Supplied Wedges I: for A+L+C scan.
    Supplied Wedges II: for A+S+C scan.
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