• PXQpa-1
    Automatic Crawler

    The PXQpa-1 phased array automatic crawler is drived by front-rear dual motor, tooled with different fixtures for different objects to realize PAUT automation.

  • Features::

    • Dual motor front-rear driving, offering enough power to crawl over slope.
    • Magnetic wheel and wear-resistant rubber ring, to enable it crawling ≤180°as to the surface.
    • Bumping-guard switch, to stop it from heading forward when running into something in the way.
    • The fixture is mounted in the middle to provide stable pressure which keeps the probe well coupled.
  • Specs

    Encoder Precision: 0.184mm(可定制)
    IP: IP67
    T.A.: -10℃~50℃
    Battery Life: ≥6 hrs

    Power Source: 12V
    Fixture: Customizable
    Probe & Wedge: Customizable
    Dimension: 300×145×80

  • 檢測應用圖冊

    Φ+1000 Train Wheel Tread.
    Butt-Weld or Corrosion of Φ+1000 Pipe.
    Butt-Weld or Corrosion of Plate.
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